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The Switcher™

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Switcher. First a few things about the product. The Switcher is completely waterproof and has no internal batteries it receives all it’s power from your main timer. The Switcher comes with built in mounting bosses and was designed to be mounted in a valve box. Each Switcher has five LED’s, one red power on LED and four green station indicators. The red power on LED will light up whenever the Switcher is receiving power from your timer and the green station indicators will light up when a station is watering. Each station on the Switcher can be timed from 0-30 minutes in two minute increments. You must have time on a station to see it light up.

Switcher installation : FIG1

A) Connect the black wire to a good station wire coming from your main timer.
B) Connect the white wire to the valve common coming from your main timer along with all other common wires.
C) Connect the output wires to your valves. (Red “A”, Blue ”B”, Green “C”, and Orange “D”. Leave unused wires disconnected.)
After connecting the Switcher, be sure to set the station that is supplying the power to the switcher for a long enough water time. It needs to cover the time set on the Switcher. It’s ok to set the main timer for a longer time than is programmed on the Switcher. After the Switcher waters the last programmed station it will shut off and won’t repeat until the next water cycle of your main timer. For technical questions call 1-800-793-0312.
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