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The Easy Switch is a high-tech switching device designed especially for the purpose of running more than one irrigation valve on one set of wires. This unit's unique characteristics make it the perfect device for getting around broken wires, adding new landscape, or adding new valves in low-pressure
situations. The Easy Switch is completely waterproof and was designed to be installed in the valve box with the new or existing valves. The rugged ABS box comes with two screw holes for mounting to the valve box or lid. Each  Easy    Switch has four bright LED's to let you know which station is on. The fifth LED is red, it is the short circuit indicator. The Easy Switch is equipped with an automatic resetting fuse that will blow if the unit has a solenoid that draws more than .65 amps. When the unit gets powered down the fuse will automatically reset and water the next valve the next time it gets power. This will prevent any shorted solenoids hooked up to the Easy Switch from blowing the main timers circuit breaker.

The Easy Switch will run either 2 or 4 valves on a single set of wires. The Easy Switch will alternately or sequentially activate each valve after each power on-off event of the timer. In other words, every time the Easy Switch receives 24 vac from the timer it will advance to the next valve and water until the timer shuts off. This process will happen sequentially, first A, then B, then C, then D, then back to A and so on.

You don't have to worry about trenching in new wires to replace those old broken down wires, just use the Quick Link! The Quick Link will control up to four valves on a single pair of control wires. After the Quick Link is installed you will be able to control your valves like you never had any broken wires! Each valve will be totally and completely controlled by your main timer! For more information call 1-800-793-0312.
Switcher -New-

The Switcher is a water proof direct burial timer that will allow you to independently control up to four valves one set of wires. Each station on the Switcher can be individually timed from 0-30 minutes. 2 and 4 Station models available.
$205 / $295
Part #: RIS4002 2 STA, RIS4004 4 STA

The Drip Stopper is a high-tech, inflatable, reusable, glue proof, bladder designed to stop that annoying water trickle that occurs during pipe repairs. It can also be used for copper pipe repairs. Comes in two sizes small bladder (.75”-1.5”) and the large bladder (1”-4”)
Part #: RIS8100 sm. kit RIS8101 lrg. kit
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