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The Super Charger is a fully regulated charger designed specially for the Checkmate III system analyzer. The Super Charger ä will allow you to charge your Checkmate directly from the cigarette lighter in your truck. This unique charger is fully regulated to prevent you from under or over charging your Checkmate.

This charger is not a "quick" charger it will take approximately 15 hours to charge a completely dead Checkmate. The idea behind this unit is to never let your checkmate go dead! Ideally you would charge your checkmate after using it. This would keep your Checkmate charged and ready to go whenever you need it!

Charging procedure
  1. Plug the Super Charger into your cigarette lighter, the green light on the cigarette adapter will light up if you have 12vdc present.
  2. Plug the checkmate adapter into your checkmate, the red "charging" light will light up if the Checkmate needs a charge. The "charging" light will go out when your checkmate is about 95% charged. To fully charge the checkmate leave it plugged in for about another 1/2 hour this will bring it to 100%.
  3. Unplug your checkmate and you're ready for action!

leaving your checkmate in and charging overnight will not effect a good car battery. We do not suggest leaving your checkmate charging in a parked vehicle for long periods of time this may cause a drain on your battery.


If you're having problems with your charger check the built in fuse located in the end of the cigarette lighter adapter. If you are still having problems have a factory authorized repair center check the condition of your Checkmate batteries.
Your new charger comes with a full one year warranty·

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